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Superbly styled properties in Marsa Alam Galawa Residence

Galawa Apartments

Serviced by Marsa Alam International Airport

Typical Marsa Alam building complex

Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam Beach Resort

Marsa Alam Beach Resort PDF (3.4Mb).

Since the opening of its International airport, Marsa Alam has rapidly become a favourite holiday destination on the Red Sea Riviera. With its log fringing coral reefs, mangroves and palm trees, this once small fishing village situated on the Tropic of Cancer, has that true tropical feeling. Pure Red Sea paradise of 100 km of beaches skirted by the Wadi el Gemel National Park. The Egyptian Government has designated this location for special attention. Only previously reached by safaris and live-aboard dive boats, this exotic tourist venue has plans for a tourist resort to rival all others. With the opening of new hotels on this southern hot spot, desirable residential properties are in demand. Coralife-Style will have a selection from these developments which are presently under construction.


El Quseir is a lovely town devoted to tourism and the only historical town on the Red Sea. This remote outpost on the Red Sea Riviera coast was a starting point for trade and exploration used by armies, traders and pilgrims bound for Mecca over many thousands of years. Nowadays, El Quseir is a perfect holiday destination and location for new residential development. Often visited by diving enthusiasts, Coralife-Style envisage an important selection of new luxury resorts are on the drawing board. Its 100 km virgin coastline towards Marsa Alam offers unique potential for the future entrepreneur.

Hamata Berenice

South of the Wadi el Gemal National Park, one of the most outstanding in the Red Sea Riviera, is the very last tourist destination in the deep south of the Egyptian coastline. Hermata Berenice is a land of Hamitic origin, Egypt's gateway to Africa. Its Red Sea coast lined with palm tree groves, mangroves, and un spoilt coral bays and coves, sandy beaches fringed by safe barrier reefs. A very special location. A land of Nomadic tribes, designated as the next major tourist and residential area of this decade. Hermata is the most southern harbour from where the great safari boats leave to the most remote diving locations. The fabled islands of Zabargad and Rocky boast an awesome quantity of underwater fauna and pelagic fish. Berenice is a small town named after the mother of Ptolemy II which became a trading port in 275BC. Inland are remains of emerald mines of Wadi Sakit which were worked from Pharonic to Roman times. Between these two towns stretch long famous sandy beaches of unusual beauty. A top Kite-surfing destination in Egypt. Coralife-Style has great interest in this location. It is possibly the best hidden secret of the whole Egyptian Red Sea Riviera with access to Marsa Alam airport. Its tropical conditions and pristine landscapes are definitely worth venturing. One for the future we believe.

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